I’m passionate about building and driven by impact.

Big challenges motivate me, and I am comfortable navigating the professional and personal risks that come with driving change and pursuing big opportunities.

As far back as I can recall, I’ve been attracted to solving hard problems: build a department, fix a broken business, win a big contract, expand into a new market…


I have reflected on common principles and practices that have helped me to thrive in these environments.


It’s also a useful lens for assessing new opportunities and interesting projects. 

Strategic Vision:

When I took over the international business at FGX International the business was largely U.S. based (>95% of revenues) and only present in 3 international countries. The goal was to transform the company by dramatically increasing sales internationally. But It seemed like the world was full of unlimited choices... What markets should we expand into? Do we buy (M&A) or build? Where are the gaps in our portfolio? What synergies can we exploit with our parent company?

A framework for working through these options in the face of ambiguity, market pressures, and competitive activity was critical. (As was my ability to course correct on the fly.)  When I left in 2018 international revenues had grown 5X and we were available in more than 55 international countries through a mix of acquisitions, greenfield operations, distribution partnerships, and international retailer alliances.  


At DOLIUM the challenge has been different, here the focus has been on repositioning the company for growth and profitability by rebuilding the sales pipeline, improving product quality and production efficiency, raising capital, re-domiciling the company to the U.S., launching new product innovations, and implementing a 5 years Sustainability Roadmap. 

Customer Mindset:

After more than 20 years in CPG I’ve developed the ability to walk in the shoes of the customer and build relationships that transcend products and services. Plus, I LOVE the customer-facing part of the job. I've successfully led commercial agendas across all tiers of the value chain including retail (international, regional, and local), distributor, agent, owned, and 3rd-party sales, merchandising, and marketing organizations. The fundamentals of collaborative planning, shared KPIs, category management, customer insights, and innovation are tools that I’ve employed with hundreds of customers throughout my career. I’m also a believer in “end-to-end” accountability that aligns sales, operations, marketing, and finance to solve problems, unlock opportunities, and build revenue.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

My trajectory over the last decade has been toward more entrepreneurial experiences, but the progression is not necessarily "small company" (e.g. DOLIUM, small cap, PE-backed) vs. "large company" (e.g. AB-InBev, $52-billion in revenues), nor does it necessarily mean START-UP. I've also applied this competency to organizations going through SCALE-UP like FGX International, and even to MATURE businesses like AB-InBev.


My definition of entrepreneurial spirit manifests itself in building (businesses, departments, teams…), leading transformation (disruption, doing things differently from the past), and ownership of the results (good or bad). And while a CEO logically owns everything, I’m convinced a high performing organization has the same sense of ownership at all levels.

Social Impact / Purpose:

I’ve been fortunate to contribute to companies and nonprofits with meaningful social impact initiatives. At Essilor/FGX International I expanded access to reading glasses and sun protection in communities that were traditionally underserved. At DOLIUM I initiated the use of recycled materials in our product and deployed recycling programs in major metros across Europe. At Friends of the Blue Hills I lead a dedicated Board and staff to preserve and protect the largest open space close to a major metro-area. I’m currently advising a start-up in the sustainability space through my work with IU’s Kelly School Leadership Network. And I’m  contributing to a parent's taskforce helping our public school district navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Curiosity / Learning:

Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents. I’m only passionately curious.” If I have a superpower, this is probably it. Some people look at their career as a progression (I did “A”, so now I must do “B”) or perhaps they are comfortable to stay in a narrow field or industry. But for me I’ve followed my curiosity and worked on projects where I could add value -- but also challenge myself and learn. It’s also how I’ve become comfortable with risk. (How do you learn and grow without risks?) It’s certainly why I’ve taken on so many interesting challenges over the years, lived abroad three times, and continue to seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. I’m humble enough to admit that I’ve had great mentors, smart, dedicated colleagues, and a supportive family who have always had my back.